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Why should you consider fostering a rescued dog from Saving Dogs 4 Paws at a Time?

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There are hundreds of neglected, abused or stray dogs right here in mid-Missouri. These are animals who have done nothing wrong other than to be born or placed into bad situations. Because Saving Dogs 4 Paws at a Time is a Foster-Based Rescue, we count on the good hearts of loving individuals and families to open their homes and take one of our rescued dogs on a temporary basis. Each time a rescued dog goes to a foster home, two lives are saved: the dog you are fostering and the next one to replace him in our rescue. 


There are few experiences as rewarding as taking a neglected dog into your home and seeing him return the love many times over. We have seen dogs change from scared, shy, nervous animals, fearing people and environment to happy, loving animals who can't get enough belly rubs and chin scratches ... all because a caring person made the selfless decision to give the dog a chance by fostering her. 

Who is the ideal foster family? Almost anybody! Each animal has different needs, attention requirements and personality. All you have to do is care. We can most likely match a dog to your situation, even if you work full time. We can match a dog to you if you are single, have a family and even if you have other pets.

Why should you consider fostering a dog from Saving Dogs 4 Paws at a Time Rescue? Does your throat tighten up when you see pictures of animals being abused? You will be rewarded many times over by taking a rescued dog into your home and giving her the love she has never had, but deserves so much. You will see her become more social, more loving. You will see her as she changes from a scared dog to one who realizes that most people do not want to hurt her. You will be the one who saved this precious animal's life, earned her trust and gave her hope. 


What does it cost you to foster a rescued dog? Nothing! When you agree to foster a dog from Saving Dogs 4 Paws at a Time, we take care of you as you take care of the dog. We provide everything she needs: food, medical needs, toys and treats, everything! We even spay or neuter her and make sure she is up to date on vaccinations. The only thing you need to provide is a safe place, exercise and lots of love. Because Saving Dogs 4 Paws at a Time is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Organization, any expenses you do chose to incur are tax deductible. If you take your foster dog to the vet, your mileage can be written off.


In addition, we make it as easy as possible for you to provide a temporary home for the rescued dog. We will not just place the dog with you and forget you. We will check up on you regularly and make sure you have everything you and the dog need. We are available to you any time you need help or have questions. Call, message or email us with any concerns.


The bottom line: Saving Dogs 4 Paws at a Time is a Foster-Based Rescue. We can not operate without the good hearted individuals and families who offer safe haven for our rescued dogs. For every dog that goes to a foster home, another homeless, abused, neglected or stray dog can be saved. Unfortunately, there are many of these dogs who without us and without you would be left to live miserable lives. Please consider taking a dog into your home and feel the love that a once forgotten animal will give you. There is no greater feeling! 

Meet Petey.  Petey is a one year old pit bull who was found on the side of the road with a close range gunshot wound to his leg. He had been shot and left to die for no reason. Thanks to the good heartedness of a few of our friends, we were able to rescue Petey, get him the medical attention he needed and place him with one of our foster volunteers. Petey is now a happy, active, playful three-legged dog who's life was saved and turned around thanks to a family willing to take him into their home until he is adopted. By the way, Petey is available for adoption now and would make a great new member of the family!

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